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085 - Sound Tech @ Motion City Soundtrack Gig

I clearly should have edited the contrast on this photo but Picassa is playing up and I can't be arsed to fanny around; my iPhone photos are never that great anyway.

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075 - Doing It For The Kids

This day was also meant to be lesbian subtext day. I do not have a photo to represent it appropriately. For shame.

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068 - After work Starbucks

It's TUESDAY. Happy Lesbian Subtext Day!

It shall be that from this day forth, every Tuesday (or at least every tuesday that I remember) shall be a.k.a Lesbian Subtext Day.
LESBIAN SUBTEXT is the actual best. It's sexy. It's subtle. Some would say IT'S NOT EVEN THERE.
And I wish to celebrate it.. on my blog & in my life.

Today after work, I went to get my usual coffee from Starbucks. Passing the women's clothing shop, Viyella which, while renouned for selling middle-aged women's clothing, is not renouned (sp?) for being gay-friendly (or non-gay friendly, for that matter).
The image below, RIFE WITH GAY SUBTEXT, rife I tell, was in the window display of Viyella.
OBSERVE this (hugely lesbian) image:

This image is gayer than I am.
A woman having her bodysqueezed by another women's body makes me really happy.
It's totally HOT.
The end.

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