Saturday, 26 December 2009

Snuggies are Silly!

A month ago I wanted a Snuggie. Genuinely.
Then my friend told me that it was just a backwards 'robe'/dressing gown, one of which I already own, so I wanted it less.

Today I watched this:
Hilar (!)
And now I really don't want one.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Kitchen Nightmare

Behold today's egg-poaching failure:


Who screws up poaching an egg?
There is surely little to no skill involved in poaching an egg.
1)Boiling water.
2)Stir water into a whirlpool.
3)Crack egg into whirlpool.
4)Leave egg to cook.

That's IT.

There are several mistakes that may have led to this culinary disaster: when I tried to stir up the whirlpool using a knife... and when I poked at the egg with a spatula before it was ready.

I shall live to poach another day and.. I will become a better cook in the New Year.

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