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354: First Ever Monmouth Coffee Experience @ Borough

THE ESPRESSO WAS SO DELICIOUS omg. And a single espresso costs the same as a double. And the baristas are all super into making perfect coffee AND the milk is so perfectly frothed. 5 Stars. But I still prefer my Tottenham Court Road Java Hut.


I REALLY love waiting for an hour at Brixton station in sub-zero temperatures to get on a train home.. if by love I meant REALLY DISLIKE.

352 - 353: PeeWees in the snow. And other stories.

I talked about the Smiths this evening with a girl I met tonight.

We wandered through Central London until we found somewhere to sit, and when we did, we sat, and we talked and i drank two coffees and she drank two hot chocolates.

Then we wandered some more until we came to a bar where we refused to pay a £3 entry fee but were let in anyway and we drank coke and met Shane MacGowan from the Pogues. She was wicked excited about meeting him because he's musically kind of a big deal to her so she was adorably starstruck and happy and texted lots of her friends to tell them who she'd met. and it was CUTE and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. But I didn't tell her. Because she'd think I was creepy.

And then we watched Lady Vengence sing/MC a short set. We described her as like... Christina mixed with Pink mixed with Amy Winehouse with added raw essence of the London streeeeets.

We were talking about the Smiths and how they're great and how Morrissey is apparently a massive homo. And we talked about how "There's a Light that Never Goes Out" is totally a love song and then I was all: "THERE'S THIS REALLY GREAT SONG BY THEM WITH AWESOME LYRICS..." but it was like, the worst story ever since I could remember neither the name of the song or the song lyrics. Of course NOW I remember. It's their song, "London".

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

349: Commuter Chic

Trainers and a suit = Commuter Chic

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345: Ali & Josie's Christmas Soiree

Their parties' are always AWESOME until a girl gets wasted and begins to cry hysterically or until a boy gets inebriated and becomes a comatose dead weight. At that point of the evening, I know it's time to leave.

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339 - The Loneliest Goose in the World

"Loneliness" by Katherine Mansfield

Now it is Loneliness who comes at night
Instead of Sleep, to sit beside my bed.
Like a tired child I lie and wait her tread,
I watch her softly blowing out the light.
Motionless sitting, neither left or right
She turns, and weary, weary droops her head.
She, too, is old; she, too, has fought the fight.
So, with the laurel she is garlanded.

Through the sad dark the slowly ebbing tide
Breaks on a barren shore, unsatisfied.
A strange wind flows... then silence. I am fain
To turn to Loneliness, to take her hand,
Cling to her, waiting, till the barren land
Fills with the dreadful monotone of rain

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327 - Jimmy Eat World gig

This is my favourite song of now:
"Invented" by Jimmy Eat World
When I first came to see you I called it Houston street (like the city)
Could we meet? Show me all the things you see?
I'm one more here
Some old-timer pioneer
Who believes with shaken faith
I still have some cool
I could leave you here with your 'people'
If I'm a flag you'd not prefer to wave
You're always in my head
You're just what I wanted
I live in constant debt
To feel you, invented
When I first came to LA I met you the old fashioned way
Too drunk
Even worse, much too lonely
I'll leave it there
A busted homesteader
Who believes in virgin grace
Somehow I'll stay proud
Any dick can roll up in a suit
But only I would know what really moves you
You're always in my head
You're just what I wanted
I live in constant debt
To feel you, invented
There's a cinematic end
I picture it just right
Having trouble with the right words
But you tell me with your eyes
There's something good I miss
Something I cant' find
Do you believe me now?
Can you see it in my eyes?
You're always in my head
You're just what I wanted
I live in constant debt
To feel you, invented